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Maui Built Boardshorts

These shorts are exceptional for when the sun shines and you're searching for something to rock in the sun! These shorts are sterling example of why com is an exceptional place to go for all your surfing needs, from the front, back and on to your favorite clothes, com makes shopping on the island basic and fun. So why not give us a call today? We've got everything you need right here on.

Maui Built Boardshorts Walmart

These shorts are made with a comfortable and stylish fit, they are made with 100% hand-made in maui, and they are sure to make you look modern and stylish. These shorts are made with the latest in hawaiian fabric and cotton to ensure you're keeping your skin scouring nigerians are hot! The black gray floral style will make you look like a goddess when you're out at the or surfing, these bermuda shorts are must-have for any surfer scouring to stay hot and comfortable. Made from 100% breathable fabric, they give the look of a high-quality product but also offer a touch of sting, plus, the logo on the front is sure to set them apart. The Maui Built hawaiian surf board shorts will make you look and feel like a million bucks, these shorts are cuddly and will make you feel like you're about to board up the ship and go for a sail on the open sea.