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Wetsuit Boardshorts

The have you in your arms in minutes! The soft, smooth fabric and sharp points will leave you feeling comfortable and in control in no time, with a versatile and comfortable fit, the are top addition to your wardrobe.

Wetsuit Boardshorts Amazon

These swimsuit boardshorts are in batik style with a large cynthia rowley logo, they are size large and are made of 100% wool. These Wetsuit boardshorts are top-of-the-heap for when the weather gets cold! The blue and make them unique and stylish, they come in only 31 inches so they will fit most body types and the 10 inch seamaster is excellent for average to advanced swimmer. Looking for a brand new pair of swim shorts? Look no further than oneill board shorts, these shorts are modern take on the traditional swimsuit competition clothes. Made from durable and comfortable fabric, these boardshorts will help keep you comfortable and safe during your next swim, looking for a brand new and cool range? Look no further! This range gives everything you need to go out and explore the world in all it's hot new shape. With a fuzion fabric that is strong and lightweight, this set provides a comfortable and stylish surrogate to show your own design sense, the naked lady in you will come outta this set inspired and excited.